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the amber

“A million years ago a tree cried, just like the tears of a child when they slide down their face, they probably represented sadness. The drops of resin sliding down the bark treat it like a bleeding wound in animals, they heal it. The wonderful thing about them is that, as they passed, they collected and preserved traces of life. Fragments of plants and flowers were embedded in them, as well as insects that were attracted by the sweet smell they gave off. Then the drops stopped, hardening  and falling to the ground, burying itself in sandy soil, preserving like an incredible photograph, images of the past. Moments of life from millions of years ago.” René Hernandez Rivera – Mexican paleontologist.


Tears of the Jungleguaranteesthat all the amber handcrafted in our workshop is extracted in Chiapas and is100% natural. The silver used in our jewelry is .925 (Sterling) and the stones are authentic.

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